What is the orientation process for first time children?
Children in a new environment are naturally nervous (and sometimes scared) and they need the comfort of a loved one. Separation and stranger anxiety is often demonstrated when they first start.

To help your child adapt to the nursery, we encourage at least one parent to stay with their child during the first couple of weeks. During this time we ask that parents try to encourage their child to play with others and the material around them. If the child is playing with others or alone with toys, they only make contact if the child does so first.

After a couple of weeks, we will ask the parent to step out at first for 10 minutes to see how the child will react. If the result is positive, we slowly extend the time every couple of days and then everyday until the child can be left without a parent for the duration of their stay.

REMINDER: Please do not sneak out when leaving your child at the nursery. Always tell them goodbye, because sneaking out causes anxiety and creates a distrust between you and your child. Know that their tears won't last and they have the capacity to self-regulate and become independent.

What do we do about pollution?
We have three purifiers (Blue Air, Smart Air and Phillips) inside that runs 24 hours a day. We follow the Air Quality Index (AQI) and check everyday (every hour, sometimes!). We also have a laser egg AQI monitor to ensure the air inside is purified at all times. We keep the children inside, where the air is purified, when the outside AQI is above 120.

What kind of materials do the children play with?
All the materials are chosen not only to provide fun and entertainment, but also to ensure that children are learning new skills. Our materials are Montessori tools, which are age and developmentally appropriate. We focus on the providing material that supports that three sensitive periods of learning for infant and toddlers (order, movement and language), as well as materials that promote sensorial and practical life skills.

What kind of activities do we do?
We provide daily activities, such as music, outdoor time, story-time, and arts and crafts. We have a schedule that helps children play together, share, socialise, tidy up and burn energy. As we are Montessori inspired, our materials promote children's independence and self-regulation. Thus, we encourage children to engage in a variety of practical life and sensorial activities that help them acquire essentials skills that promote order, movement and language. Our main goal is to ensure children are having a fantastic time through play and learning to socialise and become independent toddlers! Getting them ready for the world outside of Mom, Dad and Ayi!

Do we provide food?
Parents must provide any food they wish to give their child. Most parents provide a variety of fruits, raw veggies, bread, cheese and yoghurt, grains and cured meats. It is important for parents to let us know about any food allergies, because children will sometimes try to share their food with friends.

What if there is an emergency?
All of our staff have completed an Emergency First Responder/First Aid Course and are adequately trained to act accordingly in case of emergencies. We have a strict Sick-Child Policy (provided in the weChat group chat) that all parents must follow. This is to ensure that we keep illnesses at bay.

If a child’s temperature reaches over 38 degrees, we will call the parents or ayi to pick up their child. We feel that this is the best decision or prevent other children from becoming ill. We also have a Chinese speaking teacher to take children to Raffles Medical or BJU (or any hospital of your choice) in case of an emergency.

Can Ayi drop off and pick up your child?
Yes, absolutely. We ask that parents provide us with a copy of Ayi’s I.D. before they pick up the child. This is to ensure the children’s safety. This also goes for anyone, other than mom, dad or ayi, who will be picking up the child.

Is there anything parents should bring?
Parents should provide spare clothes, inside shoes and any creams or medication that the child needs.Parents should also leave a water bottle for their child at the nursery. We provide diapers, but if you have a preferred brand, please make sure you pack it in your child's bag.

What can parents do to help their child adapt to the new schedule?
To ensure your child has a positive start to the nursery, it’s a good a idea to try and adapt your child the new schedule before starting. Parents could try waking their child up earlier (if possible), having a snack at 10 am and going outside to play from 10:30 to 11:30. It's also important to have a chat to your child about the new people they will meet and the new activities they will engage in. We discourage bringing toys in from home, however, unless it is a security toy or blanket.