At Kids' Planet Hutong play is essential!

We recognise that, at this age, play is the most important experience for infants and toddlers. Play is critical for the development and growth of young children and it ensures that they are developing cognitively, linguistically, physically and emotionally. Play-based learning is the best practice in early childhood because, through play, children acquire a variety of skills and abilities that will promote independence, resilience and self-regulation--and more important, it will enhance their future educational journey.  Moreover, pre-school is the foundation of their educational journey, and thus, these early childhood experiences will shape the way in which they perceive themselves in the future. This is why at Kids' Planet Hutong we provide an emergent curriculum, and thus we strive to always provide a child-directed, play-based environment, which is inspired by the Montessori Method. Thus, we adopt a holistic approach to care. In other words, we keenly observe the children, prepare the environment and design developmentally-appropriate material and authentic experiences that meet their developmental needs (in all domains of development physical, cognitive and linguistic and socio-emotional). In short, we aim to provide opportunities for children to nurture the inherent impulses that appear at the onset of sensitive periods of learning, as well as be creative, innovative and become lifelong learners.

Through play-based learning experiences, we strive to...

…help toddlers acquire social and communication skills.

…hone language and literacy skills.

…enhance creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

…help children build and maintain relationships, nurturing a feeling of belonging and respect.

…develop fine and gross motor skills and fundamental movement skills, like kicking, running and climbing.

...develop practical life skills that will promote independence, self-regulation and cognitive and emotion development.

…encourage children to seek out new experiences, which satisfies curiosity and supports exploration.